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Current Puppies

All of our puppies are cute and adorable and can't wait to go to their new caring and loving homes to be adored for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in any of our Miniature, Toy or T-Cup Schnauzer puppies, please fill out an application, at that time you will have the opportunity to come visits us in person. Once you have placed a deposit I will send you a deposit form. 

All of our forms are listed on the home page. The application Is on our home page and/or under the contact us button.

  • Price listed is pet price only, breeding rights are more.
  • The breeder has the right to keep any puppy, at any time, from any litter, despite the age of the puppy. As long as it is not spoken for.
  • All of our dogs have been DNA tested for over 178 genetic issues.

We still offer an extended health guarantee that covers any genetic/hereditary issue, or congenital birth defect for the lifetime of your pet.


 Daisy, Summer, Edith, Vicky, Sweet Pea, Peaches, Luna, Violet, Patmore, Rose, Beige, Emily & Anna are all due soon.

Please contact us for more info

​This page goes from oldest to youngest.

Hughe's Litter

Born: 1/16/2020 

2,680 - 3,180

Predicted weight is 6-11bs full grown

Ready March 12th 2020

Price depends on size & eye color at 6 weeks.

(Pink collar) Black & silver Parti Female

Looks to have 2 full blue eyes. We will be for sure at six weeks of age.

She has a mega coat thats for sure.

Lavinia's Litter

Born: 2/17/2020 

2,680 - 3,680

Predicted weight is 6-11bs full grown

Ready April 13th 2020

Price depends on size & color at 6 weeks.

(Pink collar) RED Female

She is staying here with us for sure.

(Aqua collar) APRICOT male

He might be staying here depends on what his coat color turns into when he is older.

(Blue collar) cream male

(Brown collar) cream male

(Purple collar) cream female