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All of our puppies are cute and adorable and can't wait to go to their new caring and loving homes to be adored for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in any of our Miniature, Toy or T-Cup Schnauzer puppies, please fill out an application, at that time you will have the opportunity to come visits us in person. If you wish to place a deposit first you need to read over all of our forms on the home page. Once you have placed a deposit I will send you a Deposit Form. All of our forms are listed on the home page. The application Is on our home page and/or under the contact us button.

  • Price listed is pet price only, breeding rights are more.
  • The breeder has the right to keep any puppy, at any time, from any litter, despite the age of the puppy. As long as it is not spoken for.
  • All of our dogs have been DNA tested for over 178 genetic issues.
  • Each and every one of our puppies start early neurological stimulation from 4-16 days old. Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. Here’s what early neurological stimulation does for your puppy long term: Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate) Stronger heart beats Stronger adrenal glands More tolerance to stress Greater resistance to disease.

We still offer an extended health guarantee that covers any life threatening genetic/hereditary issue, or birth defect for the lifetime of your pet.


We have several females due soon.

Please visit the upcoming litters page to learn about them.

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Dutches's Litter

Born: 02/11/2021 


Predicted weight is 9-12lbs full grown

Ready now

He is a very rare Liver and Rust puppy with green eyes thats why he is so much.


(White Collar) CLiver & Rust Male with green eyes. Wow he is a stunner he will go fast. His personality is to die for so sweet and loving calm but loves everyone. I really love this dog and was gonna keep him myself but i need the money more than a rare dog to finish my poochie palace. This dog is in TX so if you are not local you will need to pay $400 for a nanny to take the pup on board the plane where they care for it the entire time, not in cargo. If you are picking up in person it is required for cash upon pickup.