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Delivery Options

Do We Deliver Puppies? If So How Much Does It Cost?

YES, we have several options for getting your puppy to you.

  • I can personally board a plane and hand deliver your puppy to you or possibly drive to meet you in person.                   (Price depends on flight costs or fuel and time) ​
  • I can have my helper/family member deliver your puppy to you via airplane or possibly driving to meet you in person. (Price depends on flight costs or fuel and time) 
  • You can come to me to pick up your puppy in person.
  • We can meet you at our airport,
  • You can come to our home.
  • We have other options available as well, please contact me for more information

Is it Safe to Ship?

YES, of course, or I would not ship my babies. With all the new laws that have been enforced for airlines to join the “Pet Safety Program” and the clamp down on security at the airports, most airlines are under strict rules & guidelines. Millions of people ship their loved pets each year with no problems. With today’s technology the world has become a small place and flying on a plane has become a natural way to travel. Also, there is nothing to worry about especially if I or my helper is with the animal at all times.

Shipping a puppy on cargo is also a safe mode of travel. Here is some helpful information If you are considering shipping a pet this way but are still concerned about your pets comfort and safety during the flight.

Please click here to learn more about the myths and truths about shipping your pet.