Our Property

Front Yard


This is the property that we moved to 4 years ago. We absolutely love this place. We have built an entire 3,000-square-foot house just for the dogs complete with a laundry room bathroom and soon-to-be kitchen. We used to have our dogs be outside most of the day but now that they have their own climate-controlled environment they are mostly indoors.


Once our puppies start to walk and get around well, we let them in a playpen like this to play for up to 6-8 hours a day.  Puppies don't usually start to get really mobile until 6 weeks of age. All of our puppies are raised indoors not outside. I used to let all my puppies outside with all my other dogs starting at 6 weeks, but my vet recommended that I keep my puppies indoors. So this is what we use. And of course, all of our puppies are well socialized and played with by our 7 children on a daily basis. We only use the grates with the trays as you can see in the pic of them playing outside. We have a TV in the puppy room for them to watch while playing in the playpen. We still need furniture and stands and artwork but it's coming along. Once it's fully finished we will add more pics.


This is where mama and babies stay until puppies start walking well at 6 weeks of age. This is like a crib for babies, it is a safe place where mom and babies can feel comfortable like a den where dogs naturally make their homes in the wild. We have a safety ben in for the first few weeks to ensure that no babies get their heads caught in between the bars. We also have a heating pad in to make sure babies stay nice and warm. Moms get let out to use the bathroom 4-6 times a day and are able to get out and run around for a total of 6 hours a day. Once puppies are mobile they get put in a playpen for the majority of the day and placed back in their crate to sleep at night.  My vet absolutely loved my setup as long as the puppies get let out, which they do. He also said these are the most hygienic and easy to keep clean for puppies as well as the safest. It is similar to what vets use in animal hospitals.

Canine Palace

Currently Under Construction 3/4th of the Way Done.

These are two buildings still in the process of being finished for our pooches. Once it is done I will update the pictures. Both buildings have 16' ceilings and have H-VAC and industrial dehumidifiers so no one is ever too moist, too hot, or too cold. One building has a bathroom for guests, and a soon-to-be kitchen/laundry room to wash all their bowls and blankets. There is a gigantic puppy room where moms and babies are for the first six weeks except to go potty and run and play. Moms and babies have TVs to watch while nursing or playing. There is a storage and a huge grooming room where all our pups and adults get washed in our stainless steel grooming tub every two weeks and a haircut every month.

The other building will be for mommies and daddies. This building has 20 runs that are each 4'x16'. Each run has a huge Kuranda bed that is 4' x 3' for them to lay on, a lix-it system so they always have access to fresh water at all times, and a 25lb free feeder so they always have food to eat. Each run has raised flooring so they are never stepping in their waste and getting it onto each other. This is the most hygienic way to keep multiple dogs as clean and healthy as they can be. The runs are sealed and epoxied so that no odors or bacteria can permeate the masonry work. Each run has its own drain with a flush system that flushes the waste into the septic tank on the side of the building.  They will have 4 huge TVs to watch. We plan on building a huge outdoor play area for them as well. Can't wait to show you all the finished product I'm sure you will all be impressed and very happy with the way our babies are cared for. These upscale buildings will be more like homes than a kennel. We love our babies and spoil them every chance we get.

We only breed our dogs for 4-5 years then they are fixed and retired to live out the rest of their lives in a pet home where they can go on walks on the beach, car rides, and go on hikes with owners that don't have to be so cautious about bringing home parasites, viruses, funguses and bacterias that could be life-threatening/detrimental to little puppies health.

If this is hard to wrap your head around and you don't like the way I do things, that's okay. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. It is not until you have years of experience and knowledge in the field of animals that you are able to comprehend why this is the best way to do things when you don't just have a couple of dogs. There are many breeders in this world, please find one that matches your opinions/feelings on how to properly care for multiple dogs in order to keep them the safest and cleanest.

Certificates & Awards

A certificate of inspection for a dog.

My vet did an inspection of our facility and rated us in the top 2% for cleanliness, safety and overall on how we run our business. We are also part of AKC's bread with HEART program, we are required to do testing and to be inspected every 1-2 years. we have many certificates for completing educational classes through them.

certificate of participation
SoCal Schnauzers

I have been deemed California's top Miniature Schnauzer breeder for the past two years and given this award.