SoCal Schnauzers now has a financing option available to you if you cannot afford a puppy's cost all at once. This gives you the option to make payments over a year or two.We realize that for some people, investing in a good quality puppy is a bit hard financially. We hope this helps you make your puppy dreams come true.

How Does it Work?

* Click on one of the apply now buttons on the top/bottom of this page and follow the instructions to submit your application. You may first need to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one.

* Once you are done submitting the application,  you will get an email within 5 minutes stating if you have been approved, and in what amount.

* If you did not receive an email it means the application was not submitted properly.

* Once your application is approved you will receive another email to complete your financing process.

* As soon as the entire process is over, you can receive your new puppy.

* Shipping cost's can be added to the loan.

To learn detailed information on PayPal's financing process please click here.