Purchase Miniature Schnauzers

First, How Much Do Our Schanuzers Cost?

Our puppies cost anywhere from $2,500 for Minis to 6,000 for TeaCups depending on their size, eye color, and how rare/dark the coat color is such as Reds, Sables, Black & Rust's, Liver & Rusts, Blue's, Lilacs, Merles & Ticked Partis which are the rarest color on the market today.

Why do our Schnauzers cost this price?

To us, it does not matter what other breeders have decided to charge. Whether there's is higher or lower than what we charge, our prices have nothing to do with competing with others. When you purchase miniature Schnauzers, what I  can tell you is that $2,000 – $3,000 is a pretty typical price range for a high-caliber puppy regardless of its breed. We offer some of the best quality puppies available today. Also, some of our dogs have been on PetSmart commercials and have had their pictures on bags of dog food. 

When people research purchasing a high-quality puppy from a breeder, they are often astounded to discover what quality breeders charge for a pet puppy. They think that the breeders must be making a generous income. However, what the public often fails to see or take into consideration is all the "overhead" or "behind the scene" costs involved in running a reputable breeding program. Our breeding program is not cheap for us to run because we do not believe in shortchanging our breeding poochies or their puppies to save costs. They receive the very best in everything, and as impressive as that is, it is also costly to upkeep.

The pay rates and annual salaries for dog breeders vary based on far too many factors to put on this page. How much a breeder charges for their puppies comes down to personal decisions based on how much they actually set back into their breeding program. Keep in mind, when you purchase a Miniature Schnauzer, higher-priced puppies don't always mean the breeder is making a higher salary. Also, with more breeding dogs comes higher expenses, so again, more dogs do not always mean a higher wage either. Remember, a lot of money goes back into our dogs, especially since we are not short-changing them.

Here are a few expenses we have to take out of any puppy money we get. It's important to remember that these monthly bills don't stop just because we don't have puppies for sale during those few months in between litters.

  • Food
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Beds
  • Crates
  • ​​Yearly exams
  • Microchip Fees
  • Puppy Pack Costs
  • Advertising Costs
  • Breeding Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies ​
  • Breed verification testing
  • Water bills to wash, disinfect & sanatize everything 1-3 times a day
  • Website Managers & website fees
  • Gas bills to heat the puppy room to 75 degreese at all times. In the winter thats (up to $800 +a month for propane)
  • Hired Staff - ($12+ an hr)
  • Routine Vet Bills and Dental Cleanings
  • Spay & Neuter Costs
  • DNA testing on all dogs before being bred
  • Professional Photography / Props & Backdrops
  • Taxes at the end of each year (Averaging 30-40%)
  • Medications such as dewormers, vaccines, ear cleaners etc.
  • Grooming Supplies or grooming bills (clippers, wash tubs, dryers, shampoos/conditioners etc..)
  • Electric bills to heat or cool them year round(up to $900+ a month)
  • Office Supplies (such as ink and paper for all of our documents/paperwork)
  • 24 hr care for pups/moms (We don't just turn out the lights at 5 pm and call it a day, sometimes we are up till 5am delivering puppies)
  • We also do not leave our dogs unattended for 8 hrs a day to work another job)

And so much more I could not even fit it all on this page if I tried.

Also keep in mind that all these bills and expenses keep occurring whether we have puppies to sell or not.

What's Included in the Price?

Please check out our puppy package to find out.

We now offer to pay cash upon pickup of your puppy in person via our nanny. There are so many scams going on nowadays this should be able to ease your minds about having to pay in full upfront before the puppy is delivered to you. All you need to do is place a deposit of $300, then the remainder will be due in cash when meeting the nanny at the airport with your new baby if you are not local to us.

How to Purchase Miniature Schnauzers From Us

Fill out an Application Please make sure when filling out an application you list everything that you will take only. Be as open as possible so I can get you a puppy ASAP. If you just list open to everything and I offer you puppies and you don't take them, you will have to resign my contract again giving me another 12 months to get you what you want. So please make sure you list only what you will take. After filling out the application you have the option to visit us and all of our dogs in person.

  • Make sure you have read our 3 forms before making a deposit. Once you have read the form you can place a $300 deposit to reserve a spot in line. You can do this on the home page of our website via Square or there is Zelle/ Venmo via request or cash in person.

  • After you place the deposit I send you the Deposit Form via Sign Now which is an electronic signature company. It will be fully filled out based on what you have listed on your puppy application. This will be sent as a receipt. All you have to do is electronically sign it and it will send a copy to both of our emails. 
  • If you prefer not to place a deposit, we recommend at least subscribing to our updates list under our family's photo on the home page, so you can get updates on everything that happens in our breeding program. Keep in mind, if you don't place a deposit, you will most likely never get a puppy from us, we have not had one available to the general public in over 3 years it's all done by deposits. If you decide to subscribe to our updated list of over 3,000 people you will only be able to choose a puppy on a first come first serve basis from what is leftover if there is any.
  • everyone who has placed a deposit for upcoming litters will get to choose once it's their turn, in the order, their deposit was received, as soon as a puppy is 2 weeks old meeting their criteria. Please don’t ask what number you are or how close you are every so often as I don't go by numbers because numbers don't mean much. I go by a time frame. Numbers don't mean much because everyone has their own preference in gender color and size and if I have 15 white pups and the first 15 people don't want white they all get skipped. Just because I have so many puppies born it does not mean all the people in front of you will choose them and make your turn sooner. Once we have a puppy for you we will let you know and you will have 2 months to prepare for it before it goes home to you. The reason for this is that if all of my deposit buyers asked for this every month or even every few months or so it would be quite overwhelming especially if I had 76-80 people on my deposit waiting list. Thank you so much for understanding. I keep you updated by email updates every so often letting you know what's going on in our business. I know this is very important to you and you are all super excited about getting a puppy from us but please patiently wait your turn, I promise it will be worth the wait and we will get you something in due time. ;-). Once you have chosen a puppy we keep you updated with photos and videos every two weeks.
  • Once the puppy is six weeks old, if you decide to keep the puppy based on size and eye color, that's when you make your final payment including the delivery fee if you need that via Square, Zelle, Venmo, or Bank deposit. Cash is required if the puppy is being picked up in person.
  • Once the buyer has made their final decision we will send you the sales agreement via sign-now again. We Will also schedule the vet appointment and reserve a spot in line with the in-cabin puppy nanny/helper if you need their services.
  • At six weeks of age, we also send you several emails. One on PawTree Dog Food, NuVet Vitamins, safety, & what your puppy will need before going home to you. So please wait for these emails before you buy anything, they come with detailed information on the exact products your puppy is currently on. You will have two weeks to get your products, which is plenty of time. 
  • Once the puppy sees the vet at eight weeks of age, it can go home as soon as the following day. 
  • If you are not able to pick up your puppy when it is ready to go home there will be a $20 dollar-a-day boarding fee to hold the puppy for you.
  • (WE ARE NO LONGER FIXING PUPPIES AT THIS TIME UNLESS YOU WANT TO PAY US $200 MORE FOR OUR VET TO HAVE IT DONE) *If you are concerned about us having every puppy fixed at 8 weeks of age please feel free to click on any of these websites "red-listed below" for more information on myths and facts about the early sterilization of animals. You need to find reputable sites that give truthful information based on studies, not theories or speculations on topics. You can achieve this by looking for information on.Org.Gov and.Edu websites. You never want to get info from a .com website when it comes to extremely important information such as this. I learned this in college.
  • PetSmart, American HumaneBristol Humane Society, The Humane Society USA,  ASPCA
  • You can also call my veterinarian Dr. Beck anytime at Hometown Veterinary Services in Teague Texas (903) 644-5246  
  • If you do not want your puppy fixed that is okay, you will just need to pay a non-refundable $1,000 breeding rights fee on non-rare coat colors.